LHG Halle wieder Mitglied im Bundesverband

Vom 23. bis 25.01.2015 fand in Hannover die halbjährliche Bundesmitgliederversammlung des Bundesverbandes Liberaler Hochschulgruppen  statt.  Dabei stand neben den Vorstandsneuwahlen auch ein Antrag auf (Wieder-)Aufnahme der Liberalen Hochschulgruppe Halle auf dem Programm. Die Delegierten von Mitgliedsgruppen aus dem gesamten Bundesgebiet stimmten dabei einstimmig für unseren Antrag.

Somit waren unsere Delegierten Jasmin und Philipp umgehend stimmberechtigt und konnten gleich im Anschluss bei den Vorstandswahlen mit abstimmen. Neuer Bundesvorsitzender ist Sascha Lucas von der LHG Frankfurt am Main. Ihm und dem restlichen Bundesvorstand möchten wir auf diesem Wege nochmals gutes Gelingen wünschen.

In der Antragsberatung ging es dann auch noch um das Wissenschaftsurheberrecht, die sprachliche Internationalisierung von Studiengängen – zu der unter anderem auch unser Vorstandsmitglied Jasmin redete – und Verbeamtungen in der Wissenschaft. Die entsprechenden Beschlüsse sind demnächst beim Bundesverband nachzulesen.

Jasmin Richter am Rednerpult der Bundesmitgliederversammlung des Bundesverbandes Liberaler Hochschulgruppen

Jasmin am Rednerpult der Bundesmitgliederversammlung

Über Philipp Edlich

stellv. Vorsitzender 2013/14 Vorsitzender seit 2014/15
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    The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announced its annual list of nominees on Wednesday (October 16, 2013),with grunge legends Nirvana the most notable of the 16 potential candidates. Almost 20 years after frontman Kurt Cobain’s death, the Seattle rockers will almost certainly take their place alongside Bruce Springsteen, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley in the hallowed halls of the famous museum in Cleveland, Ohio.

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    The euro rose to $1.3255, matching its highest sinceJune 21, with stop loss buy orders triggered on its move above$1.3050. But offers to sell around $1.3300, especially fromAsian central banks, are likely to check gains.

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    Bucchere pleaded guilty on Tuesday to the vehicular manslaughter charge, a felony conviction that San Francisco prosecutor George Gascon said was the first time in history a bicyclist had been convicted of felony vehicular manslaughter.

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    Third-party software support is every bit as important as the device itself. Where would most of these tablets, phones, and streaming devices be today without a dedicated market of app developers and innovators? Chromecast is still working on adding more third-party app support. So far, the only third-party app available to use with the Chromecast is Netflix. The rest are Google products.

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    Oklahoma State not only kept Orange Pride intact, but by 2004, multiple sources told SI, the group also became a key contributor to the program’s rise. Membership in the organization more than tripled; there was a greater emphasis on attracting prettier and more outgoing women; and more than a dozen Cowboys who played from 2001 to ’11 told SI that a small number of Orange Pride members had sexual relations with them or with other prospects during recruiting visits. According to the former hostesses who spoke to SI, the vast majority did not have sex with recruits. But for those who did, it proved to be an effective inducement.

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    „It’s a total victory for Macy’s,“ attorney Ted Grossman,who represents Macy’s, said of the revised agreement betweenPenney and Martha Stewart. „They obviously knew they had lostthe trial, just as we clearly believed that we had won.“

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    The word news most often conjures up visions of U.S. troops in Afghanistan, the troubled global economy, a political crisis in Washington, erupting volcanoes and devastating earthquakes. But as we all know, there is far more to news than that. Indeed, it’s often the wacky, weird, offbeat and sometimes off-color stories that can most intrigue and fascinate us. Those stories can range from changing astrological signs to lost pyramids in Egypt but in their essence they all cast new light on the shared human condition in all of its wild diversity.

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    Federal Reserve chairman Ben Bernanke, in his bi-annual testimony to Congress, managed to reassure markets on a stimulus windown without promising them anything. He stressed that everything depends on the US economy and the policy is not set in stone.

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    Hasan states multiple scholars agree with him that the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are illegal. He specifically cites Frances A. Boyle, a political science professor at the University of Illinois, whom Hasan intended to call to the stand to argue the validity of his “defense of others” claim.

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    I regularly shop around for new insurance policies. I should do it once a year, but in practice, I am a slug and do it once every two or three years. This process is usually triggered by the renewal notices I get on my auto and homeowners policies. When the year-to-year rate comparisons become too large to stomach, I act.

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    Hariri, a former prime minister, was responding to a speech by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah who said that a car bomb in Shi’ite southern Beirut would only redouble the group’s military support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

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    While emerging economies have shown potential for many years, they came of age during the global financial crisis. Thanks to prudent government and monetary policies, they have helped stabilize the global economy. A closer look at the emerging market growth story reveals some of its key strengths.

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    A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Police in Edinburgh are carrying out inquiries at an address in the Royal Mile area as part of their ongoing investigation into the death of a man and woman at The Scotsman hotel. It would be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”

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    The Yankees had six hits — all singles — and scored their only run in the second inning on an Eduardo Nunez sac fly, his third RBI in two games since returning from the DL. The Bombers haven’t hit a home run in five games and haven’t had an extra-base hit in two.

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    Mullen’s is a rousing story, but that is not to say the professionals he aspires to join are from wealthy families. They are not. Thanks to many schemes run at local level and national level, golf can be seen as an inclusive sport. Except it will not be viewed in that manner at Muirfield next week. And for that we can only pray the Honourable Company will feel, at the very least, a bit ashamed.

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    The Netherlands boasts one of the smallest gender gaps in labour, education and politics, according to the United Nations‘ Gender Equality Index. But Dutch men who thought about their romantic partner’s success still subconsciously felt worse than men who thought about their partner’s failure, according to both studies.

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    „This means on the one hand you have a bonanza of TV income but you also have a bonanza in expenditure and potentially the gap has to be filled by gate income and that puts the pressure on the fans.“

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    Held captive for nearly three hours now, my daughter starts up a low, constant wail. Our ordeal is only just beginning. Sixteen hours later, having spent the night in an airport hotel (courtesy of Air France), flown to Paris and then London, we land at City Airport. To distract from the hellishness of the situation, I allow myself to imagine what would happen if the Air France team were air-lifted to a gated LA customer-relations training camp and forced to undergo a rehabilitation of sorts. ‚Admit that we made a mistake? Engage in direct eye-contact with the customer?’ they would splutter en masse. ‚But that’s preposterous! Next you’ll be asking us to smile.’

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    Euro/dollar and dollar/yen one-week implied volatilities – a gauge of how sharp price swings will be next week – have shot up as investors try to guess when and how fast the Fed will start to run down its monetary stimulus.

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    A policeman got shot in the stomach. He asked me to take a picture of him screaming and asked me for help. I tried to help him but I guess he was in shock or something because when I helped him up he started firing his rifle into the floor. He almost shot me accidentally. Then he dropped the weapon.

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    U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov called on Saturday in Geneva on Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to account for his chemical weapons within a week. The deal may avert U.S. military strikes.

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    Turtles can become disoriented when distracted by artificial lighting, beachgoers and other obstacles in their paths. Mote Marine scientists recorded 23 instances of disoriented turtles. That’s nearly twice the number of season totals from previous years.

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    They say she was interrogated on suspicion of being an informant before being found the next day, „roaming the streets in a state“, by a British Army patrol who took her to Queen Street RUC barracks.

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    „We have really just begun expert discussions with thegovernment of Turkey. We will keep that very respectful, thiswill be done in official channels as between allies andfriends,“ he told reporters in the capital Ankara.

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    With some bank lending rates at more than 15 percent, an estimated 120,000 small and medium-sized businesses had stopped operating since 2011, many due to the lack of credit from state-run banks saddled with bad debt. A Vietnamese newspaper put the number of pawnshops at 2,710 in Hanoi alone.

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    The 83-year-old candyman began working for the original owner of Philip’s Candy when it was located in Coney Island. He went from shop boy to owner and moved the store, which opened in 1930, to Staten Island in 2002.

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    “In line with the Transformation and Growth plan, we are continuing to make fundamental improvements to our business in the UK, which will allow us to compete effectively in a changing marketplace,” he said.

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    „That generation of lawyers are unparalleled. They were working in the segregated South, using their legal skills to change things. They were at risk of being bombed, attacked and disbarred. He was one of the last,“ she added.

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    „It sounds to me as if they didn’t like the way things went during the first four days of the hearing,“ said the attorney, who requested anonymity. „Otherwise, why would you be attacking the process in the middle of it and give the impression that you’re not getting a fair hearing? You either file the suit before the hearing begins or file it afterwards.  If I’m this arbitrator, I’ve got to be asking, ‘What the hell is going on here?'“

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    Still, Chief Executive Terry Lundgren said in a statement he was „encouraged“ so far with the back-to-school season, thesecond-most important time of year after the holiday season forchains such as Macy’s and rivals Kohl’s and Penney.

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    „The rollout of Obamacare is nothing short of a debacle, andthe American people are now fearful of their healthcare,“ Cantortold reporters after a meeting with House Republicans. „With somany unanswered questions and the problems arising around thisrollout, it doesn’t make any sense to impose this one percentmandate tax on the American people.“

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    That number has an obvious human cost. It also imposes a major financial burden on the city. City law enshrines the right to shelter, so New York must currently spend more than $1 million every night to provide families with this temporary Band- Aid that fails to address their long-term housing problems.

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